Saturday, March 7, 2009

I hate the song "Material Girl"

But I can't get it out of my head, and here's why:

Purple Atlas. I do love purple.

There's a large Muslim population in Xinjiang, and head scarves are available in a wide array of colors and designs.

Blue silky Atlas destined to be a skirt, maybe a dress.

I'm thinking a dress out of the brown and white and a skirt out of the blue.

Rainbow Atlas fabric. No idea what I'll do with it yet.

I also bought several bags of those little jewels you can iron onto fabric, the kind that they only sell in Spokane in tiny bags of 12 for way too much money at JoAnn's.

I don't have any specific project in mind, so I picked colors I tend to use.

These bags are bigger than both of my hands laid flat together and weigh a ton.

Candy Buttons!!!

Once again I just picked colors I like. No specific purpose yet.

They look like they'd taste delicious, but I bet they just taste like plastic.


  1. Oh my! I would just roll around in all of that color wealth like so much Scrooge McDuck. Congrats on all your great finds! Your blog is aMAzing and I think you'd make a great travel writer. Cheers to you!

  2. Oh, I won't pretend I didn't pile it all onto my bed and then jump in. Now I have to design a fantastic crafting space for my Portland place.
    How's James Porter doing?